Jon Ball

Chief Operating Officer

Jon founded Atreo with a passion for quality and with the goal to leverage modern technology to build the industry’s most agile, scalable RTSM solution.  Jon’s diverse experience working at multiple RTSM providers led to the realization of the many quality improvements that could be recognized utilizing today’s advanced testing philosophies. 

Jon brings more than 15 years of software experience to Atreo across clinical, collaboration and consumer technologies.  Jon moved to San Francisco from the UK and started his journey into the RTSM world in 2008, working as a test engineer at United BioSource Corporation.  In 2011, Jon moved to endpoint Clinical, then a 15 person start-up, where he oversaw building of the Testing & Validation team.  Jon’s interests soon shifted to Client Services, where he held several high profile client facing roles within endpoint’s Leadership Team.

After his time at endpoint, Jon pursued roles at well known, forward thinking technology organizations.  He managed the Quality Engineering organization at Twitter before moving to Slack, where he ran the Enterprise Quality Engineering team, playing a critical role in implementing test driven development and automated testing at scale for millions of users.

Having grown up around the world, Jon has found a home in the Bay Area with his wife, Vina and two young kids, Jack & Eva.

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